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We’re turning off the lights!

After a number of years running this site as a hobby and in view of the fact that there seems to ve very little interest for its services, I have decided to close the Ireland Karate News site altogether. I have been delighted to be

Photo: Sensei Mary Marcus 3rd Dan and Sensei Catherine Marcus 2nd Dan with Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan and Sensei Fran Nangle 7th Dan receiving their Grading Certificates after their sucessful grading in Collinstown, Dublin

Dundalk Karate Making History

Numerous hours, days, weeks and months of training came to a pinnacle when finally Head of Dundalk Karate, Mary Marcus and her daughter Catherine stood in front of Sensei Fran Nangle 7th Dan, Head of the Irish National Wado-Kai Federation, and Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th

Dedication Pay’s Of

Decidation paid of for a number of Dundalk Karate members who went forward for Grading recently. Following weeks of training and hard work put in at their Dojo in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre, Dundalk, everyone who stepped forward in front of Head of Dundalk

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Kobudo In Rome

The Palaemi Sports Complex in Nomentana, Rome played host to the 7th International Kobudo Contest organised by Kaishu Italia in association with the Associazione Centri Sportivi Italiani. The competition on Sunday 18th of February was preceded by a seminar on the Saturday with Okinawan Kobudo

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Karate Insurance

We are aware that it can be difficult to get insurance for karate clubs as there are very few companies in the market. We received communication from Brady insurance who supply Insurance for Martial arts clubs and decided to pass on their letter below. Ireland

Last opportunity for Karate Clubs

Ireland Karate News was originally set up to try to advertise Karate events and information in Ireland. It is a non profit making endeavour, it does not make any money and is non political. We welcome any article and any event irrespective of affiliation or

Karate Ireland National’s 2017

A new era began for the Karate Ireland Nationals as a new venue, new format and new divisions shook up the old way, and breathed new life into one of Ireland’s most popular Karate events. The National Indoor Arena at the Sport Ireland Campus was

First Kyudokan dojo in Ireland

The first Kyudokan dojo has been operating in Ireland since May 2017 in Killorglin Co. Kerry. Kyudokan is a traditional Okinawan Shorin-ryu group with headquarters in Naha, Okinawa. Kyudokan Kerry follows the teaching of Okinawa Shorin-ryu karate Master Minoru Higa 10th dan soke of Kyudokan Okinawa. 

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Irish Karateka Teaching In Germany

At the invitation of two local Dojo in Ostfriesland, Martin O’Malley travelled over to Germany to present a weekend of Karate and Kobujutsu seminars. The main seminar of the weekend, hosted in the Dojo of Heinz Teßner in Großefehn, got underway on the morning of

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Final Elimination Event for Karate Ireland

As schedule, at precisely 10 am on Sunday 26th of March, 15 judges took their positions around 3 tatami for the final Karate Ireland national eliminations. After travelling throughout the country the eliminations returned to their point of origin, the CBS Sports Hall in Carlow