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If you are interested in advertising with Ireland Karate news, please feel free to contact us by email at

Ireland Karate news visitors are Irish Karate enthusiasts or Karate clubs. The website is supported by our facebook page.

If your target market is Karate practitioners or martial arts fans in Ireland, why not try to advertise with us. You can decide to sign up for a month to try out the results or for a year. We can track the number of clicks that are directed to your advert.

We have 3 different advertising sections and the prices for advertising on the site are as follows.

Add Type/Position Per Month

For a full Year

125×125 Add (side) Top 3 lines (Only 6 available)



125×125 Add (side) Other than the top 3 lines



Top Site Banner (only one available)



If you do not have a 125×125 advert created, we can create one for you and link it to your website or organisation.

To advertise or if you have any questions about our website, please contact us at

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