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Dedication Pay’s Of

Decidation paid of for a number of Dundalk Karate members who went forward for Grading recently. Following weeks of training and hard work put in at their Dojo in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre, Dundalk, everyone who stepped forward in front of Head of Dundalk

Last opportunity for Karate Clubs

Ireland Karate News was originally set up to try to advertise Karate events and information in Ireland. It is a non profit making endeavour, it does not make any money and is non political. We welcome any article and any event irrespective of affiliation or

First Kyudokan dojo in Ireland

The first Kyudokan dojo has been operating in Ireland since May 2017 in Killorglin Co. Kerry. Kyudokan is a traditional Okinawan Shorin-ryu group with headquarters in Naha, Okinawa. Kyudokan Kerry follows the teaching of Okinawa Shorin-ryu karate Master Minoru Higa 10th dan soke of Kyudokan Okinawa. 

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A Guide to the History of Karate

Karate is a martial art executed for the most part in an upright stance. It originated on the Japanese island of Okinawa, part of the Ryukyu Islands chain, as a mixture of local Okinawan and Chinese fighting styles.

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Karate Student verses Peer Pressure

The following article was kindly submitted by Elaine Johnston and was initially published in Shotokan Magazine. KARATE STUDENT verses PEER PRESSURE By Elaine Johnston Karate has become immensely popular and taught in a genuine manner from a reputable teacher, a student will learn very important

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Should the K be on the way to the Olympics

As you will all now by now, the WKF has started a campaign to bring Karate to the Olympics. The K is on the way campaign is an effort to promote the Karate bid to become an Olympic sport at the 2020 Olympics. The campaign took

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IWKR Europeans Contenders

With the 40th European Wado-Kai Championships only round the corner, David O’Donnell and sisters Catherine and Clara O’Reilly are training at every opportunity under the watchful eye of their Sensei Tommy Marrett 4th Dan.

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Kokutsu Dachi (Back Stance) ‘The Awkward Stance’

by Scott Langley Kokutsu Dachi, (back stance) especially when we first start learning karate, is often considered an awkward, cumbersome and impractical stance. Even after years of training many karateka regard Kokutsu Dachi as their slowest, weakest and most unstable stance, as it lacks the

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Technical Articles

We are delighted to have the agreement from Scott Langley, 5th Dan,  full time instructor and technical director of JKS GB & Ireland, to publish a number of the articles he has written about Karate on the Ireland Karate News website. These technical articles have