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Dedication Pay’s Of

Decidation paid of for a number of Dundalk Karate members who went forward for Grading recently.
Following weeks of training and hard work put in at their Dojo in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre, Dundalk, everyone who stepped forward in front of Head of Dundalk Karate, Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan, and Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan, showed how all their dedication and commitment to their training has paid of.

First under the microscope was Liam Hoey who was going forward for 3rd Kyu and with numerous Basic’s followed by Combinations and Blocks, which included Head and Kick blocks, Ohio’s and Kihons, followed by Kata’s to be completed, the bar was set at a very high standard.  Following in Liam’s footsteps, was Jacob Viliusis, Ivan Simutrins, David Prieto Bacho and Viktoria Konopacka going forward for 10th Kyu then Katie Igoe and George Tsikoudakis for 9th Kyu and finally Ronan Igoe for 7th Kyu, and with everyone completing their grading without fault was definitely key to Dundalk Karate’s continued sucess.
With numerous family members and fellow members of Dundalk Karate watching from the sidelines it was with huge relief for those grading that Sensei Marcus announced that everyone had passed their Grading and the added bonus was that Sensei Hughes commented on how each member excelled at their Grading and that he looks forward to watching their progress over the months and years ahead.
Afterwards Sensei Marcus said, “I am very proud of each member who graded tonight.  Everyone dedicated themselves to their training recently and to see everyone excel and to receive high praise from Sensei Hughes was definitely a bonus for all involved.”
Dundalk Karate are now looking forward to their next adventure which will be a trip to Colinstown, Dublin to train with World Kumite Champion Jordan Thomas at the end of June.  If you would like any information on Dundalk Karate and the classes they offer from their All Inclusive Karate which caters for anyone with additional needs to their Ninja Kids Class, you can contact Sensei Marcus on 086 353 1625 or
Congratulations to all Members of Dundalk Karate who Graded – OSS

Jacob Viliusis with Head of Dundalk Karate Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan and Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan after his successful Grading to 10th Kyu

Ronan and Katie Igoe with Sensei Catherine Marcus 1st Dan after their sucessful Grading

Head of Dundalk Karate Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan and Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan with members of Dundalk Karate who sucessfully graded recently
Back Row – Left to Right – Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan, Liam Hoey, David Prieto Bacho, George Tsikoudakis, Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan
Front Row – Left to Right – Ivan Simutrins, Viktoria Konopacka, Jacob Viliusis, Katie Igoe, Sensei Catherine Marcus 1st Dan

Liam Hoey with Head of Dundalk Karate Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan and Sensei Stephen Hughes 5th Dan after his sucessful Grading to 3rd Kyu