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About Ireland’s Karate News

Ireland Karate News is the first online resource for information about Karate competitions and information in Ireland. With more than 1200 monthly visitors, the website appears on the first page of Google for searches in relation to Ireland Karate and Karate Ireland.

The website is totally independent, and  open to all karate clubs or organisations. We welcome contributors from all karate style. The website is not linked to any organisation or government body.  This guarantees our independence and ensures that we publish information from all clubs equality.

The Ireland Karate News website was created as a hobby to create a single point of reference for Karate news in Ireland online. To this day, the site is run as a pastime and does not make any money.

What type of articles do you publish?

We are looking for all sorts of articles that would be of interest to Karate Practitioners in Ireland. this includes club news (gradings, tournaments, achievements), seminars and competitions, articles about Karate in General etc…

If you are sending press releases to local newspapers or to Irish Fighter Magazine for publication, why not send us a copy of your articles?

Is there a fee?

Our articles are also published via our Facebook page, Twitter page, Google plus and LinkedIn keeping our followers informed about the various Karate events in Ireland.


Publication to Ireland Karate News is free and will remain that way. It represent a unique opportunity to send us information about your club, and about events and competitions that you organise and increase your club’s or federations online profile.

How do I send items for publication?

Add your club to our club listing and have your club displayed on our irish map with description and contact details for free.

If you have suggestions on how the site could be improved.  Let us know, we can’t promise anything but we will try to implement features based on our limited resources.

Why not try today and send us articles, photographs and news about your website?

To send us information for publication, email or visit

If you want to send us your Sensei profiles, you can download the form at