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Karate Ireland Nationals 2016

Seven hundred entries and yet it ran without a hitch, this will be the legacy of the largest ever Karate Ireland Championships, the 2016 edition of the single most popular Karate competition in Ireland.

20161127_161207From start to finish this logistical nightmare was handled in a smooth, efficient manner by Karate Ireland tournament coordinator Anthony Taylor whose experience at hosting large events made this a dream day for all those hunting gold.

The day began with the officials meeting at 8.30 am with the competition proper kick starting with the Team Kata divisions. From here it was on to the individual Kata divisions over the six competitive areas before the individual Kumite and the day coming to a close with the team Kumite.

This year’s event was so important as it was being used as a midway measure for those looking to earn a place on the Karate Ireland national team for the World Championships in Ireland in 2017. This surely raised not just the participation levels, but also the level of competitiveness as everyone was out to impress the national selectors on the day. This was reflected in the standard of performances which really was second to none across all ages and grade levels.

Despite the huge numbers the day ran pretty much to time with the last matches finishing up at 6 pm. This was all thanks to the hard work and commitment of the officials on the day who worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone got fair play and enjoyed their time on the mats. Speaking post event with the committee of Karate Ireland they felt it important to acknowledge this monumentus effort which really made the event so successful.

They also wished to thank the instructors, coaches, participants and parents who supported on the day and who worked with the officials to ensure the smooth flow of the competition.

This was the final event for Karate Ireland in 2016, but next year opens up with a bang as the next round of eliminations takes place in Donegal on January 22nd. This will help further narrow down the members of the Karate Ireland National Team on the road to the IKU World Championships 2017.