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Karate Ireland Squad Training

With over 150 attendees at the first national squad training for Karate Ireland, there is a huge pool of talented Karate-ka to choose the Irish National Karate Team from.

Drum Community Centre, just outside Athlone in Co. Westmeath was heaving with Karate-ka of all ages as the squad training session began on the 23rd of October. Coordinated on the day by Patsy Whelan from Carlow Karate, the day began with a joint warm up before the group separated into the various Kata disciplines.

Shotokan, Wado-ryu, Kempo and Shorin-ryu were all present in force and under the direction of the top instructors in the various disciplines nationally the participants had an opportunity to refine their technique.

After the Kata is was over to Kumite where the groups were separated, this time by age, to work on their sparring skills. Timing, distance, control, accuracy, the cornerstones of quality Kumite were developed over the course of the sessions which culminated in a selection of Kumite matches under full competition conditions.

During both the Kata and the Kumite sessions the presence of the national and international level officials gave a unique insight to the participants as the officials gave tips and feedback from their perspective which gave food for thought to all.

There will be another squad training in the Crystal Leisure Centre, Waterford on the 13th of November, the last before the Karate Ireland national open championships in the Basketball Arena, Tallaght on the 27th of November. The National open will give the squad candidates a chance to work on their skills and then put them to the test before taking on the next challenge, the squad elimination championships in Burnfoot, Co. Donegal on the 22nd of January.

As time goes on the squad will slowly be distilled into the very best Karate-ka who will represent Ireland at the International Karate Union world championships in Dublin in 2017. With two events down there is still time for those interested in being a part of this prestigious event to get involved.

Information is available from both the Karate Ireland website ( and the on the Karate Ireland Facebook page, and of course you can also follow the progress of the team on Ireland Karate News.

Karate Ireland is the recognised advisory board for Karate under the Irish Martial Arts Commission, the National Governing Body for Martial Arts in Ireland. Karate Ireland is also the representative body for the International Karate Union a new, but very strong world body for Karate which mirrors Karate Ireland’s goal of offering its members the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in their traditional Karate practice and competition Karate. Both Karate Ireland and the IKU have a strong belief in Karate not just for the elite few, but Karate for all.