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Last opportunity for Karate Clubs

Ireland Karate News was originally set up to try to advertise Karate events and information in Ireland. It is a non profit making endeavour, it does not make any money and is non political. We welcome any article and any event irrespective of affiliation or style provided that the content relates to Karate in Ireland or Karate in General.

Unfortunately over the past year or two, our site only seem to have received information from a few sources. This leads us to think that there might not be as much of a need for the service we provide. As this can be a time consuming venture, we do not feel that it is worthwhile to continue the service under these circumstances.
We will be continuing with the site in 2018 but will monitor the number of submissions and if the number of submissions and the number of contributors doesn’t increase, we will close the site down early in 2019.
Adding articles is very easy and can be done by email or via our Submission page at
The site also contains a database of clubs in Ireland and this valuable resource will also be discontinued with the rest of the site.
If you, your club or organisation sees a benefit to the site remaining online, please share and like our social media pages,  and above all, send us articles about your club, organisation or your events. As always, the publication of items on the site is free and always will be.
Ireland Karate News