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Penultimate Eliminations for Karate Ireland National Team

The Crystal Sport & Leisure Centre in Waterford was the venue for the third of four elimination events for the Karate Ireland national team selection. As the minimum requirement for consideration for a team place is that a person would have competed in three of the four eliminations this event was only open to those who had taken part in the process before.

This meant that the whole day could run a little faster, without losing the quality of the event and the opportunity for each individual to have their due time on the mats to showcase their talents before the team selectors.

As always, it was individual Kata first over the three competition areas. The competitors have taken on board the various pieces of advice they have received since the first eliminations back in September 2016, and this really shone through in the Kata displayed, both the variety of Kata and the technical quality of the competitors.

Kumite was up next and here again the standard has continued to impress. The speed and skill of everyone from young to old really was something to behold, and cements the fact that Irish Karate-ka will be on podium at European and World level into the future.

This selection process – which has been running for the last six months and is set to continue until the end of March – is to choose the very best team of Karate athletes to represent Ireland at the IKU World Championships in Kilkenny during October this year.

Karate Ireland, the representative body for the IKU in Ireland, and of course the advisory board for Karate within the Irish Martial Arts Commission (the NGB for Martial Arts in Ireland), secured the rights to the event last year, with the contracts being formally signed with the venue at the end of January. Preparations for hosting the event continue apace and will increase dramatically as the event nears. Before then however, the final elimination event is to be held, back where it all started, in the CBS Carlow on the 26th of March.

The last remaining, but all important qualification points will be awarded on the day, and from there the national team will be selected. While it is no longer possible to join the process for the 2017 team, if you are interested in volunteering at the world championships, or to getting involved in the work of Karate Ireland you can find more information on or through the Karate Ireland Facebook page.